What patients are saying about their experience with Dr. Hollie Levine: 


“… An accidental meeting with Dr Hollie Levine was the beginning of a miracle. Dr. Levine has been treating me for various chronic ailments including Diabetes. Since I started her naturopathic treatments over a year ago, my general health has improved remarkably, so much so that my family members and acquaintances have repeatedly remarked that I project the image of a changed person. My energy level is impressively high. My blood sugar levels have stabilized and have dropped beyond my expectations. This year seems to be the first year of my life that I have avoided a fever or a cold. Dr. Levine…has provided a holistic approach to care for my health and I feel great. She understands me fully and works with me to improve the quality of my life.” – Joseph


“Dr. Levine has been helping me with a variety of health problems since she first came to Bellingham.  Her unique combination of warm, wise counsel and personalized, holistic medical knowledge has been very healing!” – LH
“When my sister died, I could not bear the grief. My sister and I were so close, our spirits joined like one being, and the loss of her began my breakdown. I did not understand how I could continue to live. In fear and confusion, I connected again with Dr. Hollie Levine, this time trying to save my life. Dr. Levine assisted me in adjusting my bio-chemistry.  Spiritually, we tracked my life and  its cause-and-effects. Now, I have moved forward into a jolly understanding of my uniqueness.  I am delving into my creative gifts with delightful results while serving the demands of my family.  Dr. Levine’s insight has unveiled a very tantalizing horizon for my future, so like a ship in wind and current, I am in process of making that long, slow turn, to navigate my new heading. Dr. Hollie Levine has been an involved, compassionate teacher and my North Star.  I should not have survived without her prodigious intuition and personal commitment.” – Kathy


“Weary of conventional medicine and its limitations, I sought  Dr. Levine to help me with my chronic health issues.
Using a natural approach, Dr. Levine has been able to achieve results that conventional medicine could not.
My health has improved dramatically, and I feel like a new person.  Whenever i run into someone I haven’t seen for a while, they notice the change in my appearance immediately. I am slimmer, more vibrant and just plain healthier looking! More importantly, I AM healthier now.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Hollie Levine, and how she has helped me regain my health and vitality;
She’s literally saved my life with her treatments and knowledge of natural Medicine.” – K.E.


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